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Author Information

Author Information

Writers can live anywhere. Jay chose at this station in life to follow his yearning attraction. He moved to Las Vegas. More appropriately, he refers to his “moving to the desert.”

Military career behind him, he navigated to the civilian cargo airlines to learn the industry nuance and apply his aviator skills to commercial freight movement. He maintained his commercial driving privileges in the event of an economic downturn. Finishing his driving career in oil industry supply and delivery services, needed at a moment’s notice at the rig and in equipment manufacturing – just in time!

In each, he studied the subject material for his position within the organization. In every case there were techniques and a personal approach to completing each task. Noting differences, some subjects were developed into lengthy writings. That practical application with strong desire to teach built a platform for future and now book length manuscripts. Jay now creates books for publishing in the electronic media, with an eye toward expanding into the printing circuit.

Lingering in the recesses of his spirit was the continual desire to communicate certain principles and practices. Actions that stand the tests in taking us to the next living experience. Over years in business, unique ways of approaching solutions have held steadfast among management circles. Yet, under varying conditions, the same guiding principles surface in every decision-making process.

Within the research conducted for any writing project, glimmers of those little gems are seen. In writing research products for industry, stories emerge that provide a glance into the human interaction creating those decisions.

The writer’s goal is to provide value in every written, video and audio project. In his personal approach, Jay relates well to others in generations following the “Baby Boom.” He speaks to concerns held by others. Arranging those thoughts in a fictional setting. And then, placing the eBook product within the financial reach of anyone in the reading public. The conduction of precepts and concepts are meant to inform and educate – the writer contemplating the interaction between the humans in the story.

The work is open to comment! Alternate views of the subject are welcomed for discussion. Opinions are subjective. In this platform, open communication provides for understanding. Thus, there is no age category in seeking respondents. All have thoughts that contribute to the subject.

Under the Books & Media heading, Jay has posed questions to the readers landing on this website. Each question has attempted to draw out a response. Your response in the comments section – or a free written email to – will be read. Each question and the received responses will be complied in a FREE downloadable document as it is completed.

The generic questions are titled slighting toward Generations X, Y and Z. However, those in the Baby Boom Generation are encouraged to participate.

This is an e-commerce website in development. It is designed to promote, market, and sell offered products. Thebes Media LLC continues to solicit research projects in which Jay participates. Some generic research is free on this site. Other writings are offered at a small, desired reader investment – showing a seriousness of interest between the author and his reader.

Join us! Join Jay! Comment. Let us grow together.

Outreach Mojave

Outreach Series - New eBook

Constable Outreach 35 Spawns New Publication Effort in 2021

There's a NEW eBook coming!

It is part of the Outreach Series.

Title: Outreach Mojave

Publication Date: August 2021

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Jay Cadmus

Constable Outreach 35

"Author, and fellow Loadmaster, Jay Cadmus (C-141B, DC-8, B-747, B-767) has written a tense and moving thriller for his newest book. Set in Central America in the fall of 1985, Constable Outreach 35 encompasses international, local, and personal events and circumstances resulting from the capture of C-123 Loadmaster Lester Russell by the Sandinistas. Russell, a Vietnam veteran with a colorful resumé, including duty on Special Ops C-47s, works for Tom McKay, station chief of Constable Outreach, a multi-faceted, quasi-military, U.S. government air operation. Injured and incapacitated, Russell is placed in the care of Juanita Perez, widow of Sandinista hero Miguel Correa-Velazquez. The author weaves the story through the actions of various characters including American diplomats, Nicaraguan military officers, Cubans, and those pesky Soviet advisors.

Mr. Cadmus has written this story in a unique style which brings urgency to the story and the feeling one is reading intel dispatches—but he also puts the reader inside the heads of characters in the plot, and sub-plots. Although a fiction piece, Constable Outreach 35 offers historical background in the process. But, will Juanita Perez, whose son went missing mysteriously, be a threat to Loadmaster Russell, or his care-giver?"

-Karl Hinkamp, Aviator-Historian



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