Walk About….

Another blog. Specifically, a blog from another perspective. Theory is that an associate starts a conversation with like minded people – people with whom he had a relationship in the the past. Conversation expands. Thought is exchanged. Others join the conversation to share what is on their mind.

One only need be ten percent different. From that slight difference, the imagination can be stretched. A shift can occur. The old paradigm can be tweaked to send the participants on a modified course. Familiarity guiding the individual as certain aspects of the current path are changed.

I am a writer. What I enjoy is placing words upon the screen. Defining thought. Exploring avenues of expression. Seeking a two way conversation. Numerous conversations developed through a common thread.

In November last year, I took the challenge to write the basis for a book. NANOWRIMO (National Novel Writing Month) was the platform from which many writers placed their words on a computer screen. It was an exercise that brought forth the need to write more.

In thirty days, a preliminary story was mapped out though scenes in a plot development. Fifty-thousand words was the goal. Breaking it down into a daily word count made the accomplishment a simpler task. Sixteen-hundred words a day would almost get you there.

Writing about what comes after a rough draft is my process in developmental editing. (I confess to retrieving that term from Shawn Coyne of Story Grid.) Discussing the process may be the best way to work through kinks, twists and turns. The plan is to produce a book in Historical Fiction Genre that is interesting. Something to which associates, friends and followers may connect.

In the beginnings of the conversation, this simple blog will attempt to connect. Building on this thought platform will take me new places on this path. It is my hope you will read, comment and interject the things that work for you in project development. Starting a conversation is part of the process. Gaining others in the discussion builds on the communication link between us.

As a writer should write – so goes the need to write so many words per day.




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