Writer’s Blog – Friday 9 February 2018

Hi! I’m Jay Cadmus, writer of Constable Outreach 35. A work of fiction, in the thriller genre.

Today, starts the writer’s blog that was promised by Thinkwerk.com and Thebes Publishing. Both of which were startups in Houston.

Should you have a question as you scroll through this blog, pop it into outreach35@thinkwerk.com …I’ll answer each question as best as I am able.

And, I am looking for interaction with the reading public.

Why did I write this story?

As a writer, I have personal passions. In my past I’ve developed allegiance to working partners in organizations we served. Alliances with and through a forty-year transportation career. And, I respect the efforts of anyone who calls themselves a writer.

Periodically, it’s a good thing to review parts of your life in which you were pleased. That pleasure point may not be what caused you to arrive at that review.

That’s what happened here. I was reminiscing. Thinking of my allegiance to fellow servicemen. Those thoughts led me down a path. Conjuring acts of heroism, humanity, mistake and dishonor.

I wanted to honor the memory of those who went before. Honor the relationships that helped me get where I stand today. Placing that honor within the context of fictional stories.

How did I write Constable Outreach 35?

In June of 2016, I did some cursory research. Brainstormed a working plot. Wrote the basis for the novel during NANOWRIMO in November. Sent myself to the developmental editing desk. Read. Listened to Genre Management Podcasts. Re-wrote sections that did not work.

Arriving in September 2017 with a final draft. Taking care of all the mechanical details – while interacting with humans through electronic devices. By December, the manuscript was ready for the next phase.

The work constructed a 52-chapter, 95,493-word document spread over 498 pages. There are 156 scenes. Average chapter length around 1800 words – “potato chip length,”

It had to be readable. Writer had to be sequestered. Editor had to be ruthless. When the alpha testing was complete, the editor-writer went outside for the beta test. Not very scientific. Reviewers had questions and comments. But, following that model gave the project forward momentum.

Soon it will be offered for many to ingest. Some will like it. Some will not. Accepting that premise, the book was put into production.

Interested in hearing the rest of the story?  Come back!

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