Writer’s Blog – 12 February 2018

Welcome back!

The purpose of this blog is to add one glimpse of human connection to the artificial intelligence running the web. Adding the electronic wizardry of an inanimate nature, aiding you to navigate to this site.

However, you arrived here thanks for stopping.

I am currently talking about the production of thriller-based novel – Constable Outreach 35.

Taking an idea from notes to this completed project took one-year-and-a half. There were periods of feverish activity. Spelled with times of confusion, doubt and wondering. Quiet times put white space between activity and reflection. Then there were times when I wondered when inspiration would grab me.

Brainstorming – and cross-matching – goes on in my daily work. Working to produce my daily word count. Extending myself beyond this local and personal effort through social sites. LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, WordPress and YouTube are all playing parts in this promotion of Constable Outreach 35.

Pinterest and Google will help others searching for some connection. Inquiries will point to subjects those folks put in those searches. They may not be looking for this book. If you are looking for a night read, consider being able to read one chapter or scene per night. Just enough to get you mind off those daytime activities.

Constable Outreach 35 is being featured on Kickstarter.com As of this writing, 18 days remain to accomplish the funding goal. You can see it at:


Your desire to be here may be to find some inspiration in producing your own written, electronic or video product. You are also welcome. Pick my brain. Each connection made will get a response.

I can’t promise that it will be a personal email. But, I will respond in some form to answer your question.

So, if you clicked through and found yourself here, welcome!

What project are you working on? That’s more a rhetorical question than my seeking a direct response. Yet, if what is written here spurs a comment or question, write me. Outreach35@thinkwerk.com


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