Writer’s Blog – 13 February – Purpose & Meaning

Going to make a turn today.

I had planned to continue the above theme into a five-day contiguous posting. The blog on 12 February was pre-posted and scheduled for that day.

Walking away – for one day – made me ask some personal questions. Leading to my thought of purpose in this continuation. And the meaning it should provide.
Because I’m writing to you, this blog should be about making that connection with you.

I had been told that I should be writing to one person – having developed the thought of who he or she might be. Writing to a public of friends, acquaintances and strangers makes it difficult. You are all unique.

So, that turn in tone and mood is to develop that relationship that will make a two-way conversation possible. A friend would say, “let’s WAM it out!” Context understood by my loadmaster friends. (Weight times Arm equals Moment.) I could write a few more words on that subject.

But, let’s get back to purpose and meaning.

“…the reason for which something is done or created or for which something exists: have as one’s intention or objective: a person’s sense of resolve or determination: a particular requirement or consideration, typically one that is temporary or restricted in scope or extent….” Bing Search for definition of “purpose.”

And, “meaning” is defined on the same platform as: “…what is meant by a word, text, concept, or action: implied or explicit significance: important or worthwhile quality; purpose: intended to communicate something that is not directly expressed….”

I think most people would want to know: What is this writer’s purpose behind writing this blog? Is he writing with “singleness of purpose,” or is there some hidden reason.

Writers write. That’s what I do. I like the way words fit together to create a visual picture. Even if only in mind – mine and those belonging to others.

What we see in our own mind is from our point of reference.

What I write interests me. Having turned the subject over in my mind, numerous times.
Looking at it, as in a test for mechanical ability. Those boxes unfolded onto a flat surface. With lines depicting the markings for folds. With the question: “Which diagram represents the box on the (left or right)?”

What I create, I want others to read. Share. For them to ingest. Discuss – with me and others. Turn the ideas expressed over in their own mind. Forming their own visual picture. Creating a thing that we can talk about. Not separate us!

Mostly, it’s about communication. Taking an idea and discussing it between – and amongst – ourselves. Is about addressing concerns in-depth. Working out the problem. Branding our conversation and friendship. And sometimes with passion!

Ultimately, what I am proposing is a weekly conversation. With people who are close to me; friends from school, military, work-related activities; casual acquaintances; and, people I have not met face-to-face.

We’ll come back to this subject periodically. The purpose for that week may be unique. Or, it may be specifically tied to books I’ve written – and, subjects I’d like to explore.

Will you stay with me?

This weekly writing will appear on WordPress, LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook. I am casting the net wide. It will appear on the Thebes Publishing, DBA page on Facebook. Thinkwerk.com website will also carry the writing.

Please stay. Comeback. If you are not sure, that’s OK.

I want this conversation to continue, build and develop.



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