Review and Admissions

In reviewing this page today, I find that the blog posting is erratic. Previous blogs have been removed – intentionally.
Over the days preceding this writing, we plan for the – self-designated – Radical Book Tour.
A six-week swing through the South West and into Las Vegas, consumed most of April and part of May. Finding a need to return to Houston: for family; and, a stopgap to gather, assess and brainstorm for the immediate future.
Jay Cadmus transited a planned route through New Mexico, Arizona, Nevada and California. Our thoughts for the next RBT portion was to follow a “re-connect” route covering the South East then North. Gulf States to Florida; North to Charleston and vicinity; and, through Maryland to Pennsylvania.
Yesterday and today, we developed a mailing package format for persons of the press. Reviewers are being sought. While trying to connect the dots in networking and social media – LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter.
Not to mention the most obvious clue at the top of the page. The book for which all this activity has spawned: Constable Outreach 35
There have been some interesting thoughts. Correlating the 1980s era with the current day. Here are some things I find disturbing:
In some instances, basic life for Central American Residents has not improved. Or, maybe it improved slightly then regressed to the state of today;
Current event reporting on Central American corrupt governments ties in with the story Constable Outreach 35 tells;
The Socialist quest for Caribbean, Central- and South American territory is repeated;
Gangs operating like rogue governments have chased the population away from their homeland; Caravans of asylum seekers – and child migrants – travel from Nicaragua and Honduras through Mexico, arriving at U.S. Borders;
Thousands have fled “Central American Killing Streets;” With that region reported to have the highest murder rate in the world;
Honduran economic conditions and drought threaten a half-million citizens;
Nicaraguan economy is poorest among its neighbors; Agriculture based economies suffer during climatic drought; and,
Living quality is low.
While some hope emerges from a 2018 accord between Honduras, El Salvador and Guatemala. An alliance for prosperity is being worked for infrastructure development.
There now is purpose emerging for the Thebes-Thinkwerk Team. Connecting historical dots. Through the use of fiction, highlighting that connection.
Last, you can help us. If you have an idea for promoting this book through your organization, tell us. We are very flexible with our planning now. Constable Outreach 35 is available in “pre-sale” status now at; and, is available direct from
And, I’ll try harder to meet weekly scheduled blog posting. See you next week.