Temporary End to Radical Book Tour

“Thebes Publishing designed a book tour. Into certain regions around the United States. The purpose was in promotion of Constable Outreach 35 – A Central American Thriller. Starting in the South West in April 2018. Then into Tennessee, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Maryland and South Carolina…It rekindled a dormant desire. That missing spirit of adventure. Revisiting places been before. Going by vehicle. Being able to stop. Sharing in the local atmosphere. Expanding the outreach within selected cities and towns.”
Travel around those portions of the country ended in mid-June. During the 69-day trip, connecting with friends and associates was a bonus.
The author travelled 7924 miles. Driving. Camping. Stopping in twenty-one towns and cities. Extending stays in Deming, NM; Las Vegas, NV; and, Wharton, TX on the West swing.
Visiting with family and friends in Memphis area, Bloomington, IN & Dayton-Cincinnati-Columbus areas. Promoting the book in their locale. Then continuing to Eastern Seaboard – Southern Maryland, Florence and The Low Country of SC. Before stopping for the current extended stay in Sarasota, FL.
The word friend is tossed about. When two get together based on experience, a new connection is formed. The present becomes a memory for the future. Extending the link between individually generated thoughts.
Time between last contact and current activity is bridged. One can pickup where they left an open conversation. Though, it may take some personal effort to recall and reboot. However, the work is well worth the trip and friendships rekindled.
What is difficult to assess, is what effect the stops and visits did for the book promotion. Was there enough effort placed public relations and promotion regarding the publication? Or, was it an excuse to feel freedom on the road?
The writer needed internet to conduct business in the circuitous route. Most stops only provided minimal service. Causing backup and delays in production of written words. Causing hurried activity without substantive reflection; and, postponement of larger, time-consuming activities at the keyboard.
So, a question posed at this point is where the journey has ended. Were the objectives fulfilled? Or, was the trip primarily a connection between souls? How much of the trip was more about people and interconnection between associates? Who was left off the “stop list?” And, what repair needs to be affected for those relationships?
The numbers which matter (other than mileage driven) are the number of books delivered to news outlets and reviewing entities. That count turns out to be eighteen delivered. Much less than was originally intended. But, we always look forward to future planned connections.
Settling temporarily in Sarasota allowed for business activity to be handled. Picking this operational base, puts the writer near two military reunions taking place in August 2018. And, it allows for the development of new work spawning from current published book.
Constable Outreach 35 is available at:


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