Reflection of Connection

I have an interest in writing to purveyors of knowledge. Your unique position as a reader puts that mark on you, the person. How I make the connection with you has everything to deal with, similarity of thought. And, the expression of those thoughts in writing. More peculiarly, how those thoughts are expressed.

Part of what is written here deals with my connection to certain cities. It could be your city. Or, transplanting the name of your city to this writing could make that connection.
However, we’ve made that connection, it is only the beginning. There is much to say. A great deal to hear. Discernment being the gatekeeper to our minds.

If you will permit more of your time…the conversation has just begun:

In 2014, I leased a mini-float truck and trailer to E.L. Farmer & Company. Based in Permian Basin. Because of business and economic need, I transited that area many times. That contract was short-lived.

Changes in ownership, business philosophy and communicative arts created divides. Over which, I could not hurdle. Left the oil and gas supply chain in 2017. Bouncing to other companies before the trailer – then truck – was sold.

Yet, other memories of Midland-Odessa go back to 1974. And, sequential years after that – up to 1981. A turning point in my life. (For that matter, 1973 was a turning point. Previous years being memories. Memories which may develop in future stories.)

This year I made a conscious effort in returning to Midland-Odessa. Trip began in Houston. To Longview, located East of Dallas-Fort Worth on I-20. An overnight stay. Then, continuing West. A one-day ride.

The purpose of my trip was to begin a book tour. Yet, I had no books to display. Delay in printing did not synch with scheduled departure from Houston. I had ejected myself from the comfort of apartment life. On purpose!

Was working my way to Las Vegas for a Writer’s Conference. A face-to-face with a friend. Research toward discovering a new place to live. With a prior plan of extended stay, in towns familiar from my memory.

Ultimately, I realized my purpose for stopping in Permian Basin did not line up with what I found.

The existence of limited traffic on a Sunday night. Increasing before daybreak. To the hum machinery, tire to road and extraneous noise marking region’s daily pursuit in oil production.

The economic base causes all discussions to return to oil & gas production; services distributing income; and, the persons effected by each operation. To participate in other discussions would require a concerted effort at penetrating a section of society to which I was not privy.

Learning point!


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