Letter to Reporter

Letter to a knowledgeable Central American Reporter:

Looking back into “…the 1980s. With this writing, I’d like to discuss three things:
• Current State of Central American States;
• My book Constable Outreach 35; and,
• Your previous work reporting on Central America

…Do remember Eugene Hasenfus. My memory from a position as military aircrew member. Landing in high terrain on jungle airfields. Recall experiences going back to Vietnam. Seeing C-123s perform in short-field operations. As the one being supplied.

Some of your previous writing may display images seen today. The similarity might seem striking. I’m sure from your memory you can recall basic scenes. That state of humanity in Central America.

Believe it would almost fit current event reporting:

  • Central American corrupt governments. The continuous misguided socialist quest for Caribbean, Central- and South American territory. Repeating. Gangs operating like rogue governments. Chasing the population away from their homeland…
  • Caravans of asylum seekers – and child migrants – traveling from Nicaragua and Honduras through Mexico. Arriving at U.S. Borders. Thousands having fled “Central American Killing Streets.” With that region reported to have the highest murder rate in the world…
  • Economic conditions and Honduran drought threaten half-million citizens. Nicaraguan economy the poorest among its neighbors. Agriculture based economies suffer during climatic drought. Living quality is low…
  • Some hope emerges from a 2018 accord between Honduras, El Salvador and Guatemala. An alliance for prosperity is being worked for infrastructure development….

In writing Constable Outreach 35 that was the picture remembered, flying Central America in 1985. Including attempts by U. S. governmental programs to soothe the aching and blistered epidermal face of governments being helped.

I invite you to read my story. I was not bold enough to send it. It is your permission I seek first….”


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