Life between each breath

I keep reminding myself: “Write more blog content!”

Up to this moment – and, probably many to come – I haven’t determined how to fit blogging thoughts into my weekly routine. Scheduling these writings, so that they are published with regularity. Don’t think I’m alone.

Using the title as a starting point, there are at least fifteen to twenty opportunities to produce one relative idea per minute. Using an average of 48.6 thoughts per minute:  2-to-3 thoughts per breath. There should be over 52-thousand possibilities. Boiling them down to 1080 relative ideas per day. And at that minimum, develop a coherent, 700-word, content-piece per week.

I am in awe of bloggers who are prolific. Those who come to mind are “writing machines,” providing words in the space consumed on my email inbox.

(Please trust me, my inbox has daily contributions from thirteen such people. To name them here would only be a slight against many other worthy wordsmiths.)

Gathering thought is only one step of the process. It is praxis – process of activity realization – that is generated through living. When there are many interests, one defined goal is difficult to boil down. Which can hold one back.

Arranging thought into coherent, thought producing writing takes time. How quickly a writer takes thought, molding it to something readable, is calculated as speed. That talent held by hares who write, write, write.

Turtles like us mull thought. Digesting it. Turning it on edge. As we make our way slowly across the writing landscape.

Babbling on about nothing is the work of drafting.






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