Radical Book Tour Ends – New Book on Horizon

Tour ends. Now what?

Sitting in Sarasota, FL. Have reviewed the past four months away from Houston. Meeting many interesting people…and, rekindling older relationships. The draw to write additional stories lingers as a friend poking my side. I am paying attention.

In the last week, I started an email campaign to provide followers with free content. (Some marketers say not to use the word “free.” Nothing is free.)

But, something happened during the publication of Constable Outreach 35. An important chapter – a turning point – was left from the printing. As the first edition was limited in scope, I’ve decided to give that chapter away.

It will help those – who may be interested – look into my writing style.

The turning point takes places at an embassy. Bringing together certain leading facts from earlier chapters. And, sets up the the last section of the book. It involves major characters and their interaction as friends and associates. Rather than describe it, I’d like to send it to you – for the asking. Thus “free.”

Email outreach35@thinkwerk.com with your request. I’ll send you an email with the download link from my MailChimp campaign.

Going back into a writing mode in September. Will continue this blog, Thinkwerk.com updates and promotional work for books in process. You can help me know you are out there – reading this. Send a comment. Order the missing chapter. Then purchase Constable Outreach 35. Your support will be appreciated.

This message is short. Trying to hit the sweet spots, Look forward to hearing from you.