Five Months – 5,000 Miles

In the span of time between April and September, I have traveled nearly five-thousand miles. That in itself is not noteworthy. Let me explain.
With completed manuscript in queue for printing and posting to, I struck out toward Las Vegas for a writer’s conference. Too early to arrive in the lighted city, stopped to work on an organic farm in Deming, New Mexico.
There were no books to peddle. Could only discuss the impending publication briefly and periodically – as the opportunity presented itself.
Writer’s Conference at Las Vegas sponsored by Henderson Writer’s group, was a worthwhile interaction on learning from other writers – who were experiencing similar mental periods I was going through:
• Excitement on having produced a novel of 95-thousand words;
• Fear of having it out for others to shoot at; and,
• Relief that there were others with whom I could commiserate.
I write because there is something inside me that must get out. The alternative is to bend the ears of friends, associates and the curious who happen to be near my personal space. (We all have experienced the long-winded soul who just can’t stop talking – they too would write it down if that was an option presented.)
After the writer’s conference, I travelled back through Deming to meet friends established through limited work at the organic farm… And, on East through Tennessee, Illinois and Ohio visiting with those I considered to be influencers in my life. Then down into Maryland to visit my Niece and her family.  Before striking out South, into the previous, long-term residence of Charleston and The Low Country.
I had not wanted this to become a travelogue. But, I did want the many visited to know how much of an influence they had on my life. Without them knowing it, they became family injected into this life.
We met and reconnected through memories, updating our lives with conversation. Learning and making new memories to carry forward.
When the book was published, I saw to it that each of those family members had a copy. However, this is only the beginning of a new-life story. I sought their honest and open opinions on the words I had put to paper. Their thoughts mattered to me. Their comments would help me move forward. It was a soft-opening of a late career-change for an aged life-adventurer.
I’ve not been able to ask each their thoughts. But, I have gathered a few. Including the requested, honest review by Breakeven Books. Erik McManus additionally shot me an author questionnaire to complete. Both are listed with the links added below:

Book Review: Constable Outreach 35

Author Interview: Jay Cadmus

I’ve tried not to bore. Never intended to be that soul you move away from…to keep from hearing the laborious tales in the life of another.


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