– Constable Outreach Interior Look Temporarily Suspended –

In each area of this world, people are subject to weather patterns building catastrophic events: Hurricanes, typhoons, tsunami, tornadoes, earth quakes, drought…the world list goes on, by differing region and definition. (In failing to describe the event which affects your region – or, you personally – is not a slight on the effects you may have endured.)

It is the effect on humans which starts our immediate reaction. It is our collective response to the reported catastrophe which builds to a temporary, satisfactory outcome. Sharing part of who we are with distant sufferers makes us ready for the next event.

Generous donations are needed immediately. Human effort is needed after the initial flow of money trickles to its normal flow.

However, the need created by these events cannot be removed solely through matching the want – or requirement – for money to be donated. The question persists:

How do we take away the suffering that continues during long-term healing? 

Much more of our individual human empathy will affect the recovery from each experience. It is more difficult to sustain that required empathy, than providing a one-time donation or act.

Yet, we must!

On plates suspended by the bar of a scale, an equal amount must be placed for balance –  and, equanimity.

This short post is written in hope that our collective thought will be given toward that long-term healing and recovery we all need in areas of our lives.




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