Dawning Upon The Dream

Filling this rectangle has been haphazard.

Sometime long away, I was given a dream. Being true to the gift, all I was required to supply was manpower, sweat, thought, and a piece of my heart. The requirements were not difficult to fathom. Yet, the effort is well invested in the dream.

In a YouTube video today, I experienced the sincerity of Sean Cannell in one of his video series. The time of immersion came at me upon completion of another ebook. My study of the visual medium was eventual in this newly designed career.

Three years ago, I opened a YouTube Channel. Attempted some computer shot, Adobe-edited videos running approximately 8-to-10 seconds. The attempt was purely experimental. 

Since then, I communicate regularly with “The Professor” – I’ll call him. My friend – Professor – is a long-time friend who I bounce ideas off. He and I have had many conversations about film and production—me picking his brain. But, to be fair, I’m sure that our conversations are reciprocal.  But I’m getting a bit off theme.

I have one ebook in distribution now: Constable Outreach 35 – Second Edition. And, another novella about to be published in June this year. The next ebook to be published is one-of-two books in series, two parts of one story. The operating title is Outreach Mojave: The Set-Up. Its sibling will publish in the Fall of 2021. It’s my job to promote all three books.

Thus, I went to various media to see how I envisioned them fitting into a tightening marketing plan. This brings me back to Mr. Cannell. I understood his journey. It is one that life asked him to accept. Now, he shares learned pollen in participating in the fruit development of YouTube.

His keys are: start, build on your values, and know why you are doing it. (That is an over-simplification.) I was refreshed. And he gave me things on which I now work in this immersion.

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