You have reached a space where it is permissible to slow down!


Thanks to Pexels.com, I had downloaded this expressive photo. I was initially intrigued by the relative sizes of the adult hands and the feet of the infant being held. It holds triggered thoughts creating their own ideas within the human imagination. This picture will not become a part of my sought behavior. Nor do I expect that the picture will spread exponentially across social media from person to person holding accounts on any media platform.


As a Welcome to you, I need to state that this is “my beginning search for people who return here periodically for a resting point.” You are living a life to which I am not privileged to view from a personal stance. That is one reason this can become a place where you may come to get out of the meme-centered race.

A meme – I have found – has multiple meanings based on the person using it to describe a certain thought. When quoting definition, the etymology stems from Ancient Greek meaning “imitated thing.” Street slang users have co-opted the word to fit their stories. (I have discussed with others who are adamant that their attached meaning is the correct usage. This writing is not intended to start – or resume any argumentative discussion.)


I do want you to know the thoughts expressed here will be on theme.

I write. Some of what I have written is published. Other expressions come in comments to other persons expressing pain, enjoyment, sadness, fear, anger, and disgust. My benign comments – sometimes – are more a study of my connection to any given situation. No one wants another soul saying that their thoughts on a particular subject are ‘out of date’ or ‘not relevant.’

When a subject is selected to be discussed – seeking feedback from a core of divergent readers – I will be using my ‘story interview technique.’ You can find the sample questions I pose on the Books & Media page of this writer’s website. I posted them there as part of a process in the examination.

How you will be counted

Comment. Return to continue being part of the discussion. Suggest a discussion point within the overall theme of this project. Ask a question. Be friendly.

Thanks for reading this new posting.

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