Supporting Veteran Services

When we look to the future, the possibilities become endless.

The turn of seasons starts with children returning to formalized education. Then, we settle in for the coming calendar events, holidays, and religious-affiliated dates.

Throughout the Fall and coming Winter solstice, we work to give from our laboring. The giving season is enhanced with memories. Our past and desires for the future of others close to us weigh in most decisions.

It is outside your immediate circle to which I wish to draw your attention.

Families build. For some, a family consists of co-workers or associates within an organization. Your team member in military service is a brother or sister – the sons and daughters of others who served.

It is this exceptional family we wish to assist.            

In conjuring a beneficial situation for another entity or person, it is hard to contain enthusiasm in expressing the dream as it flows through one mind.

Thebes Media – my consent provided – commenced a promotion in financial support for military veteran services through non-governmental chartered organizations. The planning and development of the idea began in June.

The program launched softly in early September with a targeted 2021-Fourth-Quarter expectation of reaching a donation goal exceeding $3000.

We offer what we can give. In this case, we can provide from your offering.

In most cases – excluding the poorest – a minimal gift of support can be counted in change – less than one dollar. However, collectively small amounts of one dollar or less can mount to a substantial figure.

We offer Constable Outreach 35 as a vehicle to aid in the giving desire. For every purchase calculated through individual eBook distributors, “the book creator will donate a substantial portion of author royalties” to four non-profits.  

Your gift for an avid reader turns a purchase of $2.99 into an accumulated advantage – the results not immediately seen but effective.   

Our original thought was to donate a specific amount for each book purchased. However, as in any brainstorming session, negatives are reported but shunned until the first planning session outlines the project – being advised not to be so specific!

Distributor sales reports are generally provided ninety days after the close of month sales. Thus, purchases made this September will be reported in December; December Sales reported in March 2022.

“Immediate results are not seen.” It is trust in the dream planned out that keeps the hope high. After the final accounting, there is always time to determine its success, collect all opinions, and note mistakes.

Some will point out “how we could have done it better.” We will accept those opinions. Thought can only make the next effort better!

We are each given dreams that can be followed to their fruition. The goal is to land joyfully at the end of the perceived journey. Its positivity spurs us to think in terms of accomplishment. We follow our inner-most voice.

Will you help us help others?

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