Thoughts & Their Development

Road to building this Site

First, thank you for being here. 

In this transition, the proverbial "corporate - we@thinkwerk"  has been split into a product site ( and an author site ( As the "splitter," it has been difficult to talk about myself in the third person. 

One who habitually speaks of himself in the third person is an "illeist."

If you look up the word - or condition it describes - it is not very flattering. I get that. states: "...Illeism is sometimes used in literature as a stylistic device. In real life usage, illeism can reflect a number of different stylistic intentions or involuntary circumstances...."

In attempting to maintain the required corporate feel of, I made some choices. My "stylistic intention" came from an "involuntary circumstance." (The explanation is too long. Boring. And in the grand scheme, unimportant. But, if you wish to know, use this website's connecting email: …) 

I have attempted to walk a fine line. It has been like performing an intoxication check. Looking at yourself from the position of constabulary; and, being the subject of investigation as I try to walk heel-to-toe on an imaginary line.

There is no argument that makes any of it OK. Just that I was using the tools - website, product, publisher imprint and author - available to make the next step. That is, without being so "self-absorbed" as to believe I'm anymore important than the humans to my left or right. I'm just a guy with many ideas that I want to share with an audience.

My opinion isn't a diagnosis of which professional psychologists would approve. 

Now that "we" got over that hurdle, the "opinion" part of the categories is covered.

Second, this post is to inform anyone following (or, happening upon this site) that it will shutter to a close soon. The other two sites listed will become the repository of subjects covered involving Constable Outreach 35; new projects on which I'm working; and, future publication dates. 

I'm still the guy most of you knew. Good or not-so-good.... 

However, extending the reach to find additional readers had to become focused.

Again: Thank You!



Files coming soon.