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Short Private Exercise – General to Life

The person in your viewed story has reached a numerical age: 

  • For instance – select a period in your life on which you have a needed answer to your posed question.
  • Apply the boxed questions below: 

What International Incident affected your daily life as other National spawned occurrences overlaid it during the age you selected?

In your closer atmosphere, what infused action was required of your community to solve a local problem affecting the outcome?

How did the members of your family household respond?


What individual shaping events did you face during the changing universal atmosphere from the incidents you listed above?

And, what cyclic positive and negative emotions presented themselves to those around you – or you, the individual?

You have just completed a contemplative exercise.

The formed exploration of relative thoughts provides you with an understanding of subjective writing.

Our purpose for placing it here is to produce alternate views.

Is this helpful? Without writing details of your personal life, write a short comment by clicking below.

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