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Hi! Jay here. I was in need of a designated author website. It took time to reconfigure the other (www.ThebesMedia.com) website in corresponding with jaycadmus.com … but we're flying.  

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My desire is to make your visit easy and pleasurable. If you see something that would enhance the look or friendliness here, speak up. Send you comments to jay@jaycadmus.com 

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I'm an writer, photographer and musician. I've written two books. The latest being Constable Outreach 35 - a historical thriller. I am writing a third now. On this site there is a blog page on which I develop subjects that hover in and around my areas of interest … an audio-recording page where I read selective writings and interview interesting people ... and a video page where I'll post original videos exploring subjects that interest me. Periodically, I will offer FREE material: White papers, listings covering book-theme periods and other (yet described) gifts. Let's get to know one-another. Come back!

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By providing your email address I will remain in contact with you - until you determine that it doesn't fit. I am wanting to make a long-lasting connection. I will periodically send messages, updates and information on new projects. Join me on this journey!

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