Into the Fray…

A friend wrote a series of questions on a social media platform. My response took some time to ponder. Knowing a bit about The District of Columbia and our Federal Government, I offer this lengthy response. Thus, to properly reply to my friend’s questions and solve the need to make a post on this blog site, I write it here:

Why do we have a Federal Department of Education?
Without reading the purpose statement of its formation, I have the belief it was establish with the best intentions of the people who inhabited our governmental halls – at that time. But, as times have changed, people with “best intentions” modified the original intent. As State Legislature came into the thought process, their intentions sometimes came in conflict with Federal Regulations. Time grew the divide between what was desired at the local level; and, what was the “law of the land.” The forcing nature of the Federal Government was backed by the Supreme Court. Now, we have the “us versus them” mentality as we speak against the parties of both parts.

How many people are – we taxpayers – paying to fund this department? What does it do?
The District of Columbia (DC) has always been a territory controlled by the Federal Government. To enforce the Laws of The United States, agencies grew. Population in and around “The District” grew to support the need of the agencies headquartered in Washington, DC. The size and nature of DC cannot hold all the people who are employed – doing the work and supporting laws of the Federal Government. The flight of workers to the suburbs was in finding more-than-adequate housing. Economies grew to support the ex-filtration of Federal workers. The support of local economies in neighboring Virginia and Maryland has become the issue. The Federal Department of Education – and, other agencies doing support of and for Federal Law – perpetuated the area growth. The nation grew. It was impossible to affect, police and support the Federal Agencies started and maintained within DC. More people working for out-stations created a need for more within the District of Columbia. All agencies grew exponentially. Today we have a Federal payroll – doing work and in support of laws. With the Federal Government supporting local economies in cities such as DC – and other major metropolitan areas.

(Without fighting the political war on this blog – or, offending any friend – I offer these additional thoughts.)

Why do we have a Department of Education?
Even with the States being free to mandate the curriculum of the courses to be taught, Federal Law has become the prime law of the land. Until Congress rewrites existing law, we are stuck with what we’ve got. Pitting one Federal worker against another – in the workplace: Democrat vs Republican; Christian vs (other religion); Man vs Woman; and, Individual vs the government for whom he/she works. It is a dilemma not seen in the original intent. Or, as could be seen by the revered persons who wrote the Constitution of The United States.

Do I have a solution?
No. I do not control Congress. Or, anything else. But, I have an opinion. Bringing me into the fray. A fight I may be willing to take. Later. The fight for sanity. That fight of:  National and State economic survival versus common sense.

What is your thought?


Life between each breath

I keep reminding myself: “Write more blog content!”

Up to this moment – and, probably many to come – I haven’t determined how to fit blogging thoughts into my weekly routine. Scheduling these writings, so that they are published with regularity. Don’t think I’m alone.

Using the title as a starting point, there are at least fifteen to twenty opportunities to produce one relative idea per minute. Using an average of 48.6 thoughts per minute:  2-to-3 thoughts per breath. There should be over 52-thousand possibilities. Boiling them down to 1080 relative ideas per day. And at that minimum, develop a coherent, 700-word, content-piece per week.

I am in awe of bloggers who are prolific. Those who come to mind are “writing machines,” providing words in the space consumed on my email inbox.

(Please trust me, my inbox has daily contributions from thirteen such people. To name them here would only be a slight against many other worthy wordsmiths.)

Gathering thought is only one step of the process. It is praxis – process of activity realization – that is generated through living. When there are many interests, one defined goal is difficult to boil down. Which can hold one back.

Arranging thought into coherent, thought producing writing takes time. How quickly a writer takes thought, molding it to something readable, is calculated as speed. That talent held by hares who write, write, write.

Turtles like us mull thought. Digesting it. Turning it on edge. As we make our way slowly across the writing landscape.

Babbling on about nothing is the work of drafting.





Letter to Reporter

Letter to a knowledgeable Central American Reporter:

Looking back into “…the 1980s. With this writing, I’d like to discuss three things:
• Current State of Central American States;
• My book Constable Outreach 35; and,
• Your previous work reporting on Central America

…Do remember Eugene Hasenfus. My memory from a position as military aircrew member. Landing in high terrain on jungle airfields. Recall experiences going back to Vietnam. Seeing C-123s perform in short-field operations. As the one being supplied.

Some of your previous writing may display images seen today. The similarity might seem striking. I’m sure from your memory you can recall basic scenes. That state of humanity in Central America.

Believe it would almost fit current event reporting:

  • Central American corrupt governments. The continuous misguided socialist quest for Caribbean, Central- and South American territory. Repeating. Gangs operating like rogue governments. Chasing the population away from their homeland…
  • Caravans of asylum seekers – and child migrants – traveling from Nicaragua and Honduras through Mexico. Arriving at U.S. Borders. Thousands having fled “Central American Killing Streets.” With that region reported to have the highest murder rate in the world…
  • Economic conditions and Honduran drought threaten half-million citizens. Nicaraguan economy the poorest among its neighbors. Agriculture based economies suffer during climatic drought. Living quality is low…
  • Some hope emerges from a 2018 accord between Honduras, El Salvador and Guatemala. An alliance for prosperity is being worked for infrastructure development….

In writing Constable Outreach 35 that was the picture remembered, flying Central America in 1985. Including attempts by U. S. governmental programs to soothe the aching and blistered epidermal face of governments being helped.

I invite you to read my story. I was not bold enough to send it. It is your permission I seek first….”

Reflection of Connection

I have an interest in writing to purveyors of knowledge. Your unique position as a reader puts that mark on you, the person. How I make the connection with you has everything to deal with, similarity of thought. And, the expression of those thoughts in writing. More peculiarly, how those thoughts are expressed.

Part of what is written here deals with my connection to certain cities. It could be your city. Or, transplanting the name of your city to this writing could make that connection.
However, we’ve made that connection, it is only the beginning. There is much to say. A great deal to hear. Discernment being the gatekeeper to our minds.

If you will permit more of your time…the conversation has just begun:

In 2014, I leased a mini-float truck and trailer to E.L. Farmer & Company. Based in Permian Basin. Because of business and economic need, I transited that area many times. That contract was short-lived.

Changes in ownership, business philosophy and communicative arts created divides. Over which, I could not hurdle. Left the oil and gas supply chain in 2017. Bouncing to other companies before the trailer – then truck – was sold.

Yet, other memories of Midland-Odessa go back to 1974. And, sequential years after that – up to 1981. A turning point in my life. (For that matter, 1973 was a turning point. Previous years being memories. Memories which may develop in future stories.)

This year I made a conscious effort in returning to Midland-Odessa. Trip began in Houston. To Longview, located East of Dallas-Fort Worth on I-20. An overnight stay. Then, continuing West. A one-day ride.

The purpose of my trip was to begin a book tour. Yet, I had no books to display. Delay in printing did not synch with scheduled departure from Houston. I had ejected myself from the comfort of apartment life. On purpose!

Was working my way to Las Vegas for a Writer’s Conference. A face-to-face with a friend. Research toward discovering a new place to live. With a prior plan of extended stay, in towns familiar from my memory.

Ultimately, I realized my purpose for stopping in Permian Basin did not line up with what I found.

The existence of limited traffic on a Sunday night. Increasing before daybreak. To the hum machinery, tire to road and extraneous noise marking region’s daily pursuit in oil production.

The economic base causes all discussions to return to oil & gas production; services distributing income; and, the persons effected by each operation. To participate in other discussions would require a concerted effort at penetrating a section of society to which I was not privy.

Learning point!

Temporary End to Radical Book Tour

“Thebes Publishing designed a book tour. Into certain regions around the United States. The purpose was in promotion of Constable Outreach 35 – A Central American Thriller. Starting in the South West in April 2018. Then into Tennessee, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Maryland and South Carolina…It rekindled a dormant desire. That missing spirit of adventure. Revisiting places been before. Going by vehicle. Being able to stop. Sharing in the local atmosphere. Expanding the outreach within selected cities and towns.”
Travel around those portions of the country ended in mid-June. During the 69-day trip, connecting with friends and associates was a bonus.
The author travelled 7924 miles. Driving. Camping. Stopping in twenty-one towns and cities. Extending stays in Deming, NM; Las Vegas, NV; and, Wharton, TX on the West swing.
Visiting with family and friends in Memphis area, Bloomington, IN & Dayton-Cincinnati-Columbus areas. Promoting the book in their locale. Then continuing to Eastern Seaboard – Southern Maryland, Florence and The Low Country of SC. Before stopping for the current extended stay in Sarasota, FL.
The word friend is tossed about. When two get together based on experience, a new connection is formed. The present becomes a memory for the future. Extending the link between individually generated thoughts.
Time between last contact and current activity is bridged. One can pickup where they left an open conversation. Though, it may take some personal effort to recall and reboot. However, the work is well worth the trip and friendships rekindled.
What is difficult to assess, is what effect the stops and visits did for the book promotion. Was there enough effort placed public relations and promotion regarding the publication? Or, was it an excuse to feel freedom on the road?
The writer needed internet to conduct business in the circuitous route. Most stops only provided minimal service. Causing backup and delays in production of written words. Causing hurried activity without substantive reflection; and, postponement of larger, time-consuming activities at the keyboard.
So, a question posed at this point is where the journey has ended. Were the objectives fulfilled? Or, was the trip primarily a connection between souls? How much of the trip was more about people and interconnection between associates? Who was left off the “stop list?” And, what repair needs to be affected for those relationships?
The numbers which matter (other than mileage driven) are the number of books delivered to news outlets and reviewing entities. That count turns out to be eighteen delivered. Much less than was originally intended. But, we always look forward to future planned connections.
Settling temporarily in Sarasota allowed for business activity to be handled. Picking this operational base, puts the writer near two military reunions taking place in August 2018. And, it allows for the development of new work spawning from current published book.
Constable Outreach 35 is available at:

Review and Admissions

In reviewing this page today, I find that the blog posting is erratic. Previous blogs have been removed – intentionally.
Over the days preceding this writing, we plan for the – self-designated – Radical Book Tour.
A six-week swing through the South West and into Las Vegas, consumed most of April and part of May. Finding a need to return to Houston: for family; and, a stopgap to gather, assess and brainstorm for the immediate future.
Jay Cadmus transited a planned route through New Mexico, Arizona, Nevada and California. Our thoughts for the next RBT portion was to follow a “re-connect” route covering the South East then North. Gulf States to Florida; North to Charleston and vicinity; and, through Maryland to Pennsylvania.
Yesterday and today, we developed a mailing package format for persons of the press. Reviewers are being sought. While trying to connect the dots in networking and social media – LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter.
Not to mention the most obvious clue at the top of the page. The book for which all this activity has spawned: Constable Outreach 35
There have been some interesting thoughts. Correlating the 1980s era with the current day. Here are some things I find disturbing:
In some instances, basic life for Central American Residents has not improved. Or, maybe it improved slightly then regressed to the state of today;
Current event reporting on Central American corrupt governments ties in with the story Constable Outreach 35 tells;
The Socialist quest for Caribbean, Central- and South American territory is repeated;
Gangs operating like rogue governments have chased the population away from their homeland; Caravans of asylum seekers – and child migrants – travel from Nicaragua and Honduras through Mexico, arriving at U.S. Borders;
Thousands have fled “Central American Killing Streets;” With that region reported to have the highest murder rate in the world;
Honduran economic conditions and drought threaten a half-million citizens;
Nicaraguan economy is poorest among its neighbors; Agriculture based economies suffer during climatic drought; and,
Living quality is low.
While some hope emerges from a 2018 accord between Honduras, El Salvador and Guatemala. An alliance for prosperity is being worked for infrastructure development.
There now is purpose emerging for the Thebes-Thinkwerk Team. Connecting historical dots. Through the use of fiction, highlighting that connection.
Last, you can help us. If you have an idea for promoting this book through your organization, tell us. We are very flexible with our planning now. Constable Outreach 35 is available in “pre-sale” status now at; and, is available direct from
And, I’ll try harder to meet weekly scheduled blog posting. See you next week.